"Ametlikult olen ma skaalal aga ülekaalus ja mu riided jäävad "pluss" kategooriasse. Ma ei kvalifitseeri klassikaliseks pluss-suuruses modelliks, kuna mul ei ole liivakella figuuri ega suurt büsti. Aga ma olen viis numbrit liiga suur, et olla tavapärane modell," selgitas Madli.

"Aga ma olen praegu tervislikum ja tugevam kui viimasel kümnel aastal. Seetõttu on tihti kaalu vaatamine mõttetud ja selle pärast pettuda. Ka pluss-suuruses maailm on üleküllastunud. Seega hakkan ma end edaspidi kutsuma tavalise kehaga tavaliseks inimeseks," ütles Madli.

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Size 14-16 can do a professional bikini shots too, right? Your clothing size will not define your beauty, your body or anything else. I know lot of people have the urge to go after me because I may not look like typical plus-size person but officially on the scale i am considered even overweight and my clothes number fall into the “plus”category but i am healthiest and strongest I have been for more than 10 years. Thats why it is often pointless to follow only scale or clothing size and get upset by them. I do not qualify as standard plus-size model because i do not have hourglass figure and big bust. But I am 5 or more sizes too large too be considered conventional model. Even the plus size world is getting overwhelming. So from now on I would just call my self a regular human with a regular average body. On the two first pictures I pose in a good angle and have placed my hand well so it is all about the angles and knowing yourself. Additionally there are so many factors that could affect your dress-size. I buy most of my swimsuits that flatter my body shape and they are often from plus-size range(this one is UK 18) so they will not cut me in or feel too short because I am 5.11 tall. I wear clothes from UK 14 to 18, really depends of the brand and the cut. Yes, that tall and yes these sizes 😨🙏🏼 literally everyone has certain swimwear that suit them better or worse, therefor my main goal is to be heathy and happy and have good relationship with my body and not to obsess around sizes, scales and ideas how someone should look like. I now nourish it with good food and give it the care it needs. I have destroyed it with unhealthy diets and bad mental health for way too long so i could be “skinny” and “fit” for some idiotic standards. From my page you will see how I am learning to get along with my changing body and mind and try to encourage others to see themselves with the love they need. How ever cheesy it sounds - we have one life and this one body and we can choose if we spend that time hating it or enjoying what we have. #plussizefashion #plussizeswimwear #plussizemodel #bodyconfidence #bodyimage #celebratingcurves #curvyconfidence #everybodyisbeautyful

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