"See näitab inimeste tugevust, mitte nõrkust, omavahelised sidemed lõhkuda. Isegi siis, kui see on viimane asi, mida tahetakse. Me austame teineteist piisavalt, et õigel hetkel teineteisest lahkuda," jätkas laulja kurbusest nõretavas postituses.

"Me palume teilt kõigilt meie otsust austada ja meilt küsimusi mitte esitada. Meie suhe on olnud tähtis etapp meie mõlema elus, ent kõik head asjad saavad kord otsa," lõpetas Uku.

Even if it tears you apart, even if it burns your soul or breaks your heart, when life’s paths diverge sometimes letting go is the only decision a couple could make. It shows strength not weakness to sever ties, especially if it is the last thing either of you ever wanted or expected. We do however respect each other enough to walk away from a life that doesn't serve either of us anymore. Therefore, we ask you to respect our choices without further inquiry into this. Our relationship has been both significant and important chapters in our lives, but like all good things, this too must come to an end. We both would sincerely appreciate any and all considerations regarding this matter. Thank you. @ukusuviste & @paljasporgand

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